The Best Man in Your Wedding Party

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What does a Best Man do?

The Best Man in Your Wedding Party

A best man is someone the groom chooses to stand up for him and to be his main support during the ceremony and the weeks leading up to it. He may choose his brother, his best friend, his father or even his son. The best man will handle carrying the bride's ring during the ceremony, he's in charge of making sure the groom gets to his fittings, picks up the suit and is dressed and on time for his ceremony on the day of the wedding.

The best man is also in charge of the bachelor party. The bachelor party is a considerable event in the year of celebration leading up to the wedding ceremony. The best man will handle the standard organization of the bachelor party including location, events and invitees. The best man will also give a toast during the reception and he will sign the marriage license as one of the two official witnesses to the marriage ceremony.



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