Wedding Duties for the Mother of the Groom

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What are the responsibilities of the mother of the groom as a wedding approaches?

Wedding Duties for the Mother of the Groom

It is often difficult to know what the duties and responsibilities of the mother of the groom entails.

Her first duty upon hearing of the engagement is to contact the bride's family and introduce herself and her family. If they live too far to get together for the first meeting, a friendly letter will be fine.

If there will be a meeting, either make reservations at a nice but cozy restaurant (not too upscale, you really don't know what the bride's family prefers) or a meal at your home. Your son and future daughter-in-law may enjoy attending this meeting but it is not a necessity.

Another duty for the mother of the groom is to make sure the bride has a guest list of people to invite to the wedding among the groom's friends and relatives. The groom's mother should find out the total number of guests so that she will not be suggesting too many invitations.

Etiquette suggests that the groom's mother choose a dress to complement the colors of the dress of the mother of the bride. The length is determined by the length the bride's mother chooses. Do not match the color of the dress of the bride's mother, however, just complement.

If you have guests coming to your son's wedding from out of town, you will be taking care of the reservations to make sure they have a place to stay.

After many of the details are out of the way and the wedding is about to happen, it will be your family (parents of the groom) who will host a rehearsal dinner. The type of meal and venue will be your choice.

At the wedding, your official duty will be to help greet guests in the receiving line.



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